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Monday, July 11, 2011

Bathtubs, Emergency Rooms and Winks

I could curse that old bathroom tub over and over and still never have the satisfaction that it understands the depth of sorrow I feel when I remember your injury. The bone chilling scream that entered my ears still rings painfully to this day. I remember the feeling of helplessness as I attempted to race into the bathroom and feeling as if my legs were frozen in place. I slammed the door open only to see tears pouring from your face as you had fallen straddling the tub edge and cutting yourself on the old metal shower track.

Wrapping you in a towel I rushed you to the ER to sit and wait for the Dr. to examine. I was so proud of you when you asked him why he needed to look at you there because only mommy was allowed to do that.  After a long explanation and you agreeing only if mommy stays with me, you said, the doctor began his examination.

To my great relief the Dr. assured us that all was okay and we could return home. So, we packed up and returned home to a great big bowl of ice cream. After all it cures everything right? After a good movie and lots of cuddle time we set off to bed for the night.

Somewhere around the 1 am hour I was promptly awakened by a terrifying scream and popped my eyes open to see you, my Megan Beth, standing in my doorway with your pajama bottoms completely drenched in blood.  Your face was ashen white and your lips swollen bright red from dehydration.

Attempting to open your mouth to speak you instead collapsed on the floor from loss of blood. I quickly ripped your pajama bottoms off and wrapped you in a blanket while running for the front door.  Grabbing my keys and racing for the car with you in my arms I remember thinking that I could make it to the ER faster than an ambulance.

Within minutes we were rushed into a room where the nurse promptly hooked you up to an IV and I attempted very hard not to let the fear show on my face. I needed to be strong for you.

For the next hour or so my mind blocked out the surroundings as I focused on squeezing your hand hoping you would squeeze back, open your eyes or just do anything to let me know you were okay.  After another grueling two hours I let go of your hand long enough to lean back and readjust my position in my chair. As I reached for your hand I glanced at your face through the bed's side rail bars.

A feeling of hope washed over me as I caught your eyes peeking out of the covers.  And then all of a sudden I had to blink my eyes while questioning if I had seen correctly.  I leaned in a little closer and sure enough it happened again! You winked at me!

In that split second the world returned to normal and all the ER noises filled my ears. I jumped up and leaned down to plant a kiss on your head.  Carefully pulling the covers down you glanced over my shoulder at the TV in the corner and said, "I hate the wiggles!" And I knew then all was okay.

The next day daddy came in from work and literally ripped out the shower doors and all the old metal tracking.


  1. Geezo. That was intense. Excellent writing, by the way. Very scary, but happy all is well now.