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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Trip Home......Part 2... We lay in wait

As we reached the road my heart is securely pounding as if it will explode from my chest at any moment. I couldn't believe that neither of you did anything as in the past. Was it because my husband, Charles was there? Or was it because you are older and less capable of doing me physical harm? Either way I couldn't believe things had gone so smoothly.

It was getting more and more difficult to block my mind from allowing my heart to think it felt a connection again. My mind knows that it's not possible. It's all what I have many times called your mindfucking tricks. You play it up that you care. You play it up that I mean something; that you miss me; that you love me. And then like clockwork you turn into Jeckyl; laughing in my face and at my broken heart. I wouldn't allow it this time. I would remain strong and steadfast.

Just then I remember that this is really the first time that my husband, Charles has seen the craziness of my past, what I had been cursed to have as parents. What does he think? What is going through his head?

The phone rings and quickly startles me out of the traps of my mind. It's Julie and we discuss where to meet so that we can wait for you both to leave for the night. The decision is made to park at the old metal shop down the road where we can get a clear view of the property, house and driveway.

And so the wait begins.

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