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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


 I'm walking around the campsite collecting any discarded trash and waiting for the rest of my group to come back from their hike when I hear Ashley Renee come bursting out of the nearby trees.  She is completely breathless and has a difficult time trying to talk. 

Confused and thinking something must be really wrong, I simply stare at her.  Still very out of breath but clearly excited she says, "You gotta come!  Seriously, you just gotta see this!" My mind was racing thinking what the hell????  I mean for the last several weeks Ashley Renee and I had not exactly been seeing eye to eye on more than one occasion.

As she kept INSISTING that I come with her, I made the decision to go.  However, I did not go without protest.  I kept asking her over and over if she were plotting my death.  She assured me she was not and continued to lead me down the embankment into the woods, although I kept thinking she was planning something bad.

At one point I stopped walking and bluntly asked her if a chain saw murderer was in the woods waiting for me.  She laughed and swore no.  So, I continued to follow.

Just as we turned the bend she said proudly, "SEEEEEE!!!"

I slowly approached and was faced with an awesome sight!!  Around the corner was a clearing in the woods that overlooked a parital cliff type area. Literally there was at least 200 fireflies twinkling in the night sky!!!  It was sooo amazing!!

Ashley said, "I had to show you!"

Emotions overcame me and tears began to tug at the corners of my eyes.  I stood there thinking how could she remember our firefly hunts when she was a little girl? I was so overwhelmed that I had stopped long enough to realize that we had taken a moment out of our busy lives to have a memory moment like this!!

~Based on events in May 2008~

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