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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Poop and the corner

I can see the setting sun shooting rays of it's last bit of light through the partially open curtains as I begin to relax or more like fall exhausted into my rocking chair having finally convinced Ashley Renee to go to bed.  She had been an extra handful that day eating entirely too much sugar and running like a mad woman all through the house in just her princess panties. She has refused to wear anything else as we we have been potty training for almost a month now.

My eyes begin to drift off and suddenly a whiff of poop fills my nostrils.  Completely disgusted I jump up searching for the spot that the cat has designated as the new litter box. It's not behind the couch, not by the lamp and not by the entertainment center.  I soon realize it's behind the rocking chair and choke as I clean it up. This was the third time this week I had cleaned up poop in this spot.

After cleaning the mess I decided there had been enough events to call the day done. Including mine and Ashley Renee's attack of the dragon mountain. I take the short walk down the hall to my room and fall completely spent into my bed closing my eyes.  It's only a few short hours later when my delightful dream of a far away beach, cabana boy and a tall fruity drink are rudely interrupted by a 2 year old princess-panty wearing child creature jumping in the middle of my bed.

I drag myself out of bed and trudge to the living room with the small creature jumping around my feet. When I exhibit difficulty finding the remote control she happily grabs it and shoves it in my hand all the while begging for her princess cartoons.  I begin struggling to turn on the TV and Ashley Renee is bouncing all around me chanting princess, princess, princess.  The incessant noise only stops as I shove the beloved princess video in the player and push start.  The music fills the living room and my ears as I turn to the couch and lie down hoping to catch a few more moments with my cabana boy.

What seems like only seconds later an all too familiar odor drifts through my dream causing me to open my eyes.  Turning my head my body jerks to attention with complete horror and disgust.  There behind the rocking chair was Ashley Renee squatting down with her princess panties around her ankles pooping on the floor!

Realizing she has been caught Ashley Renee jumps up attempting to pull her princess panties up and run causing her to fall flat on her face halfway down the hall. I pick her up taking her back to the living room and make her clean her own poop up off the floor all the while as she cries, "Yucky mama, yucky!"

"Yeah, you will think it's yucky in the future when you are cleaning up poop after one of your own kids too!" I said.

Things settle down and I begin to think about the poor cat being blamed for all that poop.  Boy she must hate me.  But I do take a little comfort as I realize surely she hates Ashley Renee more for putting the poop there in the first place!

~Based on summer of 1993~

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