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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Roller Skates and Hell

I gather up my courage one more time to stand upward while attempting to keep the roller skates from sliding in opposite directions again.  I can hear my heartbeat pounding in my ears as my fear rises.

I want so badly to be able to skate like the other girls in the apartment complex. They seem to do it with such ease and grace. I know that I will never be fully accepted until I can roll smoothly along side them as they zip through the sidewalks passing each apartment door.

My knees resemble a mess of meat that just came through a grinder because I have fallen so many times while practicing all day.  The other girls have gone on ahead without me showing no concern if I am with them or not. I'll show them! I know I can do it. I take a deep breath and grab the rails of the nearby staircase and pull myself up. Steadying my feet, I slow my breathing down to a semi-normal speed and slowly let go of the rails.

I'm doing it! I'm standing! And I'm not rolling away or falling uncontrollably! Gaining a bit of courage I slowly begin to work my way down the sidewalk to the middle of the courtyard. I am smiling now as I begin to get the hang of gliding my feet with the clumsy skates on.

Just as I think all is well, from behind me I hear a maniacal laugh and only realize who it is just as his hands hit my back and begin shoving me along the concrete.  My mean and horrible cousin Billy Joe who always derives such pleasure from causing me torture had rounded the corner in time to see my clumsy attempts to skate.  Now, he had his hands on my back and was pushing me at a blazing speed straight for the open gate to the complex swimming pool!

Completely helpless I ended up flailing like an injured sinking sea cow with the skates on my feet acting as brick weights.  The fact that I couldn't swim either didn't help anything. I began splashing around, sucking in enough water to sink a ship and attempting to scream for help.  All the while Billy Joe stood laughing so hard he was doubled over.

The world went black and I don't know who helped me but I do know roller skates, swimming pools and Billy Joe do not make a good combination.

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